A union of two cultures, China and Japan, gave birth to a chain of restaurants under the name of Wok n Roll. A fusion of two countries culinary traditions, talent and creativity have accomplished a creation of a menu not only attractive but unique in many ways.

From the tradition usage of the Chinese cook pan "The Wok" and the well known Japanese maki rolling mat "The Roll", we presented WOK n ROLL. A Modern Chinese & Japanese restaurant using a combination of the culinary traditions of the two countries to create a new cuisine that can be best describe as fusion.

The year 2003 witnessed the birth of our first branch in Jabriya. Since then, we are constantly creating dishes after dishes for the satisfaction of our customers. What has kept us going are the customer's happy looks & great big smiles across the Dining hall. No matter how far away the customers are sitting, we can read the word "delicious" on their expression.

Modern Chinese and Japanese cuisine provides a fascinating culinary journey, one that we will present you with warmth and style.



People often ask me to define my restaurant's food & style. I call it Wok n Roll style.

What is more fun than discovering your own distinct flavors?

My style is based on Chinese fried cooking and Japanese sushi with a Wok n Roll touch. One of the most special secret ingredients I always put in my food is my passion to innovation.

In WOK n ROLL, the dishes might sound familiar but created to perfection, adding a new twist to old favorites. For all fun-loving cooks out there, (especially here in Kuwait) this pushes the concept of modern Chinese & Japanese cuisine to the limit. Exotic is how I describe my fusion dishes.

There is nothing more exciting than discovering and reinventing, it keeps the soul alive, and the taste buds tantalized.

On behalf of the front of house team and myself, we wish you a very warm welcome.